Here we explain the steps to building your Premier pool.

Pre - Construction

You have made your first step to getting your pool by visiting this website. The next step is to meet with us at Premier Pools. 2960 S. McCall Road, SUITE 108 Englewood, Florida. 34224

It is at this meeting we will attempt to answer all questions. We will go over in detail all the options and features available that best fit your needs and budget. This includes viewing Tile samples, photos of pools we have built, heaters, pumps, chlorination systems, salt systems, and more. You should leave our office knowing the approximate price and projected completion time-line to get your pool.


The next step is to visit your property to perform a survey of the property and establish a firm quote. After we will create a digital drawing to include the look and layout of your home, yard, and pool using the latest pool design software.

Next we obtain and post necessary permits required by the local governments.

Once the look, size, layout, features, and options have been decided upon we can then begin to prepare the property for construction. 

Prepare Yard

Once the plans are set and the permits taken care of, we can begin to prepare your yard for construction. The deck area will be prepared by removing any Sod or Shell or other obstacles. If any irrigation exists in the construction area it must be capped.  

Break Ground

When the area is ready we can dig the pool. We will frame the perimeter of the pool and form the steel and “pre-plumb” the area. At this point the County will perform its first inspection.   

Next is to “shoot the pool shell” . We will come out with a cement mixer truck with a hose attached. A special blend of concrete called Gunite will be used to form the concrete shell of your pool. Gunite dry ingredients are mixed in a factory ahead of time. They are prepared so that as soon as the powder is sprayed through the hose and a water spray is injected it becomes ready concrete. It is because of this method we are able to achieve the curves and slopes that would be impossible with standard concrete mix.

Preparing Deck Area

Next is to get the deck area prepared. It is a repetetive process. We will backfill to bring to level surface and compact the dirt. This important step helps to prevent cracking after the concrete sets.  


Thick wall schedule 40 PVC piping is used for the hydraulic system. The pipes are run to the side of the house where the pool system is located. The pipes are then pressure tested for leaking.


 Next step will be Form and Pour the deck. Footings are excavated around the outside of the deck to the proper depths as required by law. Specific rebar steel is used. A termite spray is applied to the entire deck area as required by the county.

A second inspection is performed by the local building authority. They will inspect the plumbing and footings before further work can take place. Once inspection is cleared the concrete is poured. A 2" deco drain is installed between the deck and house for draining. Expansion joints or saw cuts are made the next day to further mitigate cracking.  

Waterline tile

Waterline Tile is next to be installed. Waterline tile is a focal point to your pool as it accents the surface of the water in a swimming pool or spa. Waterline tiles install even with the surface of the decking and extend just below the waterline and are often the most visually prominent aspect of your pool. Premier Pools uses top quality products from the best companies in the industry. We have a broad variety of tile patterns to choose  from.

Flo-Crete & Pavers

Flo crete is a concrete knockdown texture that is applied approximately 3 days after deck is poured. Next the deck surface is chemically washed and a concrete texture is applied. It is then followed by a first coat of stain. The final coat is applied when construction is completed. Keep furniture off the newly resurfaced deck for at least 48 hours after completion.   


Paver decks are beautiful alternative to concrete decks. Footings are installed/poured around the perimeter of the pool deck to support any pool cage or enclosure. The pavers are installed on a base of crushed shell and crushed concrete. A rounded bull nose brick coping is required to be installed around the perimeter of the pool shell for paver decks. There are many styles and colors of pavers to choose from.  

Screens and Caging

The screen enclosure is pre cut at the factory and delivered unassembled to the job site. The enclosure is then assembled and attached it to the deck and walls of the house.  

Interior Surface Shell

Next the Pools Interior Surface is prepared.
The Gunite pool shell is chemically treated, cleaned, and prepped prior to the installation.
Hand trowels are used to finish the pools interior.  

Once the heater, pump, lighting, and other components are ready, a Premier Pools licensed electrician will come to your home and connect the power supplies and test the operation of the equipment.
While at your first meeting we will show and explain all the different options and products available. Premier Pools is a Totally Hayward Certified Contractor, and Paramount Authorized Dealer. 

Alarms & Barriers

Florida Statue 515.27 Makes it legally required to have at least one of the following...
515.27 Residential swimming pool safety feature options; penalties.—
(a) The pool must be isolated from access to a home by an enclosure that meets the pool barrier requirements of s. 515.29;
(b) The pool must be equipped with an approved safety pool cover;
(c) All doors and windows providing direct access from the home to the pool must be equipped with an exit alarm that has a minimum sound pressure rating of 85 dB A at 10 feet; or
(d) All doors providing direct access from the home to the pool must be equipped with a self-closing, self-latching device with a release mechanism placed no lower than 54 inches above the floor. 

Fill & Start

Immediately after the Interior Finish is installed, the pool will be filled with your homes garden hose. It will take roughly 12-20 hours to fill depending on the size of your pool. City Sewer customers will receive an adjustment/discount on their bill.

Premier Pools will maintain your pool for the first 30 days to ensure the water is properly treated and balanced. We also will train you in our own “Pool School” to be able to perform all the basic maintenance tasks your pool requires. 

Enjoy your new pool!

Ready to make your vision a reality?

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