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“Constructing Premium Quality Pools Since 1983”

Why choose Premier Pools?

With over 34 years experience, Premier Pools has found our success by delivering premier quality construction every time. Our reputation precedes us and has given us the staying power to last through years. We hold to a standard of honesty, integrity, and pride that translates to a professional and pleasant experience for you. We hold a A+ credit rating with the Southwest Better Business Bureau and have received numerous awards and recognition from our customers and organizations alike. We are a Totally Hayward builder. We are licensed and insured to operate in Southwest Florida

Pool Heating Solutions

We offer a variety of pool heating options. All of the products we use are the very best in solar and electric heat options.

Chlorine / Salt Systems

We help guide you to decide every aspect of your pool.  When you must decide between salt or chlorine, we will be sure you have all the information to help you make the best choice for your pool.

Tile or Poured Concrete

We create master pieces out of back yard spaces. Whether you decide on one of the many color tiles or to go with a poured concrete deck, you can rest assured it will look beautiful and be done right.

premier pools of southwest florida

We transform properties...

Here is your average yard...

This property was located in Englewood Florida. Imagine looking forward to spending a holiday weekend home with this as your backyard.

This is what Premier Pools did to this property...

What is it worth to you for the peace of mind that you have knowing your long weekend will be filled with hours of time spent in and by your own Premier pool?

Premier Pools

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